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Phase Zero's Shohre by Karthesios
Phase Zero's Shohre
Name: Shohre
Weapon of choice: Longswords (namely personalized weaponry)
Element: Fire
Overdrive: Chaos Chain (inflicts a series of strikes, each of which has a chance of dealing a status ailment; number of strikes equals 1/16 of Shohre's level, rounded up.  Targets are chosen randomly among foes.)
Phase Zero's Irene by Karthesios
Phase Zero's Irene
Name: Irene Aston
Weapon of choice: Fists. Really any limb that can be used to inflict blunt force trauma.
Element: Lightning
Overdrive: Brawl

EDIT:  Re-did the drawing.  Wasn't particularly satisfied with the original outfit.  Also added the bio to the image to match it to the format of Rowan/Peluda/Luranda's images.
Phase Zero's Luranda by Karthesios
Phase Zero's Luranda
Luranda is the head of the House of Tornare and Kelvina's mother.  After events early in Phase Zero, the party uses the Tornare home as sort of base of operations for later quests.  Luranda draws from her own combat experience to provide advice to the team, though she considers herself "semi-retired" from the front lines (though in an emergency, she'll still take up arms).

Weapon of choice:  Longswords

Overdrive:  Voltaic Blade - Conjures an enormous blade made of electricity.  Damage all enemies; damage is altered by targets' physical resistances rather than magic.

Initial stats (not counting gear/larimars)
Lv:  40
HP:  1920
MP:  335
ATK:  134
DEF:  142
MAT:  132
MDF:  205
AGI:  112
LUCK:  68
Phase Zero's Rowan by Karthesios
Phase Zero's Rowan
Rowan, like Peluda, is part of a small band of weapons-for-hire that the player's party will face late in the game.  While not actual villains on their own, they do get under the party's skin at least once.

Weapon of choice:  Enchanted armlets

Overdrive:  Clarion Call - Casts multiple random buffs on self and party members; each time his level reaches a multiple of 16, Rowan can cast an additional buff, to a maximum of 15 buffs, at level 240; the buffs are as follows:

Haste, Barrier, Magiwall, Mitosis, Reflect, Growth, Anti-[element] Field, Mind Refresh (MP regen).

Initial stats (not counting gear/larimars; assumes the default level of 60)



Works in a print shop.
United States

Current Residence: O'Fallon, MO
Favourite genre of music: Epic orchestral metal
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: iPad 3 (64 GB)
Shell of choice: Tacos plz
Wallpaper of choice: Custom one based on current rpg maker vx ace project
Favourite cartoon character: Not sure...
Personal Quote: "It's meaningless to be proud or ashamed of a trait you're born with." -me
For the last year or so, I've been in a graphic design program at a local college.  Currently, I'm about 10 weeks from finishing and graduating, hence why there haven't been much from me lately (particularly regarding Draconan Saga VX, which is on hiatus as a result).  Maybe once that's all over, I'll get back on it.  And if I ever figure out the layout to one particuarly devious dungeon that'll be in DSVX.  Alien geometry and screwy gravity really blow when it comes to planning this stuff.
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