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Maverick Vice Studios by Karthesios
Maverick Vice Studios
The staff of Maverick Vice Studio, an adult film production (do not call it a "porn studio" around Regina!) outlet established by actors dissatisfied with "mainstream" erotica production and intent on finding a new way to work, where the actors can enjoy it more in a less "work-like" environment.  When they're not producing movies, they give the MST3K treatment to erotic ("lemon") fan fiction (essentially a critique in the form of a snarky commentary; if you've seen Mystery Science Theater 3000 or any Rifftrax commentary, this should instantly be familiar).  

The cast from left to right and their off-camera roles:
Talitha Starr - The visual effects/editor/prop girl.  That's a 50 gallon drum of Cards Against Humanity reference that she's sitting on.
Marcus Magnum - The chief cameraman

Regina Hildegard - The founder and writer/director (in costume for one project, it seems)
Leona Maxima - The location scout
Arsen Lupe - The co-writer and Regina's first hire (also in costume for a project)
Periodic Table by Karthesios
Periodic Table
Tweaked, updated and finished up the design/formatting of my periodic table from 2012.  I think the new font looks better anyway.  High-res PNG download available.

Changes from previous version:
Added dropshadows to the previously "un-dropshadowed" stuff in row 7
New font
Tweaked/revised layout
Updated info to reflect bismuth having no stable isotope
Removed archaic names

3/17 EDIT:  fixed a placement error regarding the box for lawrencium.
Spaymore by Karthesios
So who knew the Organization put out a monthly humor magazine? 

Inspired by the Mad Magazine "Sex and Dating" special from 1993.

Claymore was created by Norihiro Yagi; this cover created by me, obviously not right in the head at the time.

I originally came up with this a few years ago but recently felt like redoing the type/whatnot.
Phase Zero's Kelvina by Karthesios
Phase Zero's Kelvina
Kelvina is the daughter of Luranda Tornare and currently serving with the Karsena General Guard, aiding in operations carried out there.  She excels in her work with the KGG and has mentored Diertroe on the side through the organization's Page program.  In due time, Kelvina hopes to be the agent behind the House of Tornare's independent operations.

Weapon of choice:  Longswords

Overdrive:  Sword Dance - Delivers a series of strikes, with a chance to follow up with a powerful finishing attack.

Initial stats (not counting gear/larimars)
Lv:  3
HP:  129
MP:  17
ATK:  18
DEF:  14
MAT:  13
MDF:  11
AGI:  18
LUCK:  10
SNOWDOR SMASH by Karthesios
The structure of a new ice plains village, with Snow-dor, a huge snowman just west of town, looming large over it.  Rendered in Chunky.



United States

Current Residence: O'Fallon, MO
Favourite genre of music: Epic orchestral metal
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: iPad 3 (64 GB)
Shell of choice: Tacos plz
Wallpaper of choice: Custom one based on current rpg maker vx ace project
Favourite cartoon character: Not sure...
Personal Quote: "It's meaningless to be proud or ashamed of a trait you're born with." -me
I've started livestreaming my play on Minecraft (and other games) on Twitch.  While I have no hard schedule for when I broadcast, check the channel page for next planned time.  So visit Copy of Veracocca--bit of a story behind that name--and check things out!

Twitch channel page
  • Mood: Happy
  • Listening to: Too various to list
  • Watching: Lucky Star, MST3K, various on Youtube
  • Playing: Minecraft, MLB 14: The Show
  • Eating: More ramen
  • Drinking: Pepsi

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I watched u,  I hope it encourages you to continue the development of Zelda 2.
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Karthesios Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2015
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happy early b-day friend.
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Karthesios Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2014
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bm318i Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2014
Sorry for the late comment I got the design of the top from my sleeveless skins but made the sleeveless wider and the bottom are short shorts with a couple of belts I will do another pic of her hopefully soon and this time a full body shot
Karthesios Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2014
I look forward to it.
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