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Just a little gas bubble... by Karthesios
Just a little gas bubble...
Random dumb idea I came up with a long time ago for Bitey, but just got around to making a color drawing for it.  Nothing more, nothing less.
Phase Zero's Aida by Karthesios
Phase Zero's Aida
An NPC the party encounters at Aurora Outpost, a research station in the frigid Northern Ice Shelf.  An eccentric scientist who often keeps her colleagues on edge with some of her antics.  She gives the party a couple of sidequests. 

Confirmed sidequests given:  "Magnetic Personality" (LV 30+)

Karth:  "Doesn't that hurt?"
Aida:  "Doesn't what hurt?"
Karth:  "Wearing onions on your eyes."
Irene:  (spit-takes)
Aida:  "SHUT UP!"
Irene:  "Those glasses are hypnotizing me--MUST--PANTS--PRESTON!"
Preston:  O_O
Phase Zero's Taran by Karthesios
Phase Zero's Taran
An NPC the party encounters first, early on in the game.  A young member of the Krelnarian Global Guard, he also cares for a page, a young Demi named Kino.  A few of the game's sidequests will revolve around these two.

Fun fact:  Taran is more or less a repackaging of a playable character from an old project of mine which I've since abandoned.
Brown Mesa - Melange Complex by Karthesios
Brown Mesa - Melange Complex
The crown jewel of my Minecraft build so far:
Right - Melange Town (an artificial NPC village)
Left - The semi-auto harvesting farm complex

Brown Mesa is the facility from which this shot was taken; named for the numerous dirt platforms placed which support half a dozen structures.

Also:  a newly-added water tower.

Built entirely in survival mode.
Fire Marshal Ophelia by Karthesios
Fire Marshal Ophelia
I finally decided to upload this stupid thing, featuring Claymore's Ophelia playing Jim Carrey's Fire Marshal Bill character from In Living Color.  LET ME SHOW YA SOMETHIN'!  Don't worry, folks; she IS a fire marshal!

You won this round, :iconmortalshinobi:



United States

Current Residence: O'Fallon, MO
Favourite genre of music: Epic orchestral metal
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: iPad 3 (64 GB)
Shell of choice: Tacos plz
Wallpaper of choice: Custom one based on current rpg maker vx ace project
Favourite cartoon character: Not sure...
Personal Quote: "It's meaningless to be proud or ashamed of a trait you're born with." -me
I've started livestreaming my play on Minecraft (and other games) on Twitch.  While I have no hard schedule for when I broadcast, check the channel page for next planned time.  So visit Copy of Veracocca--bit of a story behind that name--and check things out!

Twitch channel page
  • Mood: Happy
  • Listening to: Too various to list
  • Watching: Lucky Star, MST3K, various on Youtube
  • Playing: Minecraft, MLB 14: The Show
  • Eating: More ramen
  • Drinking: Pepsi

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